dimarts, 18 de gener de 2011

Conversa improvitzada davant de tota la classe a anglès:

Gerard: Hi Mark!
Mark: Hi Gerard, you are really pale!
G: Yes, i'm really nervious.
M: Why?
G: Because I've been invited on a date with someone I really like and I don't know what should I do with her. Can You give me any advide?
M: Yes, of course. Where are you going?
G: We are going to El Bulli and later to the cinema to see 13 roses. But I don't know how to say her that I love her.
M: I think that she loves you. I see that. You have to be brave and say that you love her. The "no" is sure but it's possible that she says "yes".
G: What do you think I should wear?
M: I think you should wear something smart but informal.
G: Thank you!
M: You're welcome... and now we can go to El Bulli.

-¿Quin dijo que esta vez no me valdría encerrarme en mi mismo?
-¿Quién dijo que esta vez no me valdría hacerme el fuerte?
-¿Quién dijo que tenia que contarle mis problemas a los demás para sentirme mejor conmigo mismo?

Todos se equivocaban. A mi me va de maravilla y ya casi ni pienso en ella -mintiéndome a mi mismo-.

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